Wisdom Teeth Removal in NW Calgary

Wisdom Teeth Removal Near You

Our third molars, also known as our wisdom teeth, are situated at the back of our mouths on the top and bottom rows. For the majority of patients, these teeth will be removed between 17 and 25 to prevent overcrowding and pain. When you come in for your routine checkup and cleaning, your dentist will examine your smile and let you know if this treatment is necessary.

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Why are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Every case is different, so reasons for wisdom tooth removal will also vary. Your dentist may advise this treatment due to any of the following:

  • Deep cavities in your teeth
  • Impacting (trapped in your jaw and gum)
  • Not enough room for them to grow
  • Growing in at an irregular angle
  • Causing severe pain

Like our premolars, thoroughly brushing these teeth can prove rather difficult; this is why it is essential to attend frequent appointments with your general dentist so they can keep an eye on things.

How Does the Procedure Occur?

Wisdom teeth removal in NW Calgary falls under the category of complex extractions. This means that more invasive methods are needed to loosen and take out the tooth. Although general dentists know how to conduct this procedure, patients may also be referred to an oral surgeon if their smile requires more advanced care.

The treatment involves the following:

  1. X-rays and a visual evaluation of your teeth are done so your dentist can identify the most appropriate method moving forward.
  2. Dental sedation is provided to keep you calm while your dentist works. The level of sedation will be decided on during a consultation before the surgery.
  3. Your dentist will clear away any debris blocking your tooth and make an incision into your gum tissue. The tooth is heavily loosened and then extracted with dental forceps.
  4. The site is cleaned to prevent infection.
  5. Before you leave, your dentist will instruct you on how to care for your smile at home and ensure that it heals well.

Don’t wait to notify your dental team if you have questions or concerns before or after your procedure.

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