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When it comes to your smile, you probably want it to be as healthy and beautiful as possible right? At Beddington Dental we want your smile to be as beautiful and healthy as possible as well! We provide a variety of professional dental care options and strive to educate our patients about proper dental care and the importance of good oral hygiene. When it comes to having optimal oral health, both at home and professional dental care are essential.

At-Home Dental Care

When it comes to your at-home dental care routine it is important to remain consistent. We recommend brushing a minimum of twice a day (after each meal would be more preferable), flossing once a day and scraping your tongue once a day. Many people neglect to floss and scrape, leaving plenty of bacteria that can cause bad breath, tooth decay, cavity formation, oral infections and even periodontal gum disease.

We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush which can properly reach all of the teeth in your smile. Waxed floss is typically easier to use and can result in less discomfort and bleeding. You can also buy a tongue scraper, many toothbrushes however come with one these days.

Professional Dental Care

Along with your at-home dental care routine, we recommend professional dental care at least twice a year for most of our patients. Those with chronic oral conditions such as cavities, infections or even gum disease may need to schedule more frequent visits.

During your routine professional visits, your dentist can thoroughly examine your gums, teeth and overall oral health, ensuring that no problems are forming. A professional dental cleaning will also be provided, ensuring that every corner of your mouth is clean, even those areas you miss. Oral cancer screenings are also recommended in an attempt for early diagnosis and treatment as it can greatly increase survival rate.

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