Dental Implants in NW Calgary

Dental Implants Near You ($2200)

If you are losing your teeth or have already lost one or more teeth, dental implants can replace your missing teeth. They can make you feel and function almost like your own teeth.

How do dental implants work?

Your dentist will place a small metal peg about the size of 1/4 of a peanut into the jawbone where your tooth used to be. It is a minor and quick dental surgery and can be easily done with local freezing. The appointment can be as short as one hour and normally involves minimal discomfort after the freezing goes away. You may only need to take some Advil to control the discomfort for a day or two. The implant is then left alone for a few months to integrate with the jawbone. After 3-4 months, the dentist will take an impression of the implant and a new tooth will fabricated and connected to the implant. You will have a brand new artificial tooth which becomes part of your body!

Is dental implant safe?

Dental implants have been in use for at least 40 years and nowadays are considered the standard of care to replace missing teeth. Billions of dental implants have been placed in patients around the world. It has been proven to be a very safe and effective treatment option for dental patients with very few cases of allergy or other adverse reactions reported.

Does my dental insurance cover dental implants?

As dental implant treatment becomes common place , more and more dental insurances are covering it. However, it is prudent to check out your dental plan to be sure and our dental team is happy to do this for you upon your request.

Is the surgery of dental implant painful?

If it is a straight forward dental implant placement, the procedure is usually carried out under local numbing the area and the patient does not feel discomfort during the procedure. After the numbing wears off, the dental patient may need to take some pain medication such as Advil to alleviate the discomfort for a couple of days. Usually no need to miss work the day after the surgery. However, in situations where the patient has lost the tooth/teeth for many years, the jaw bone or the gum tissue around the area may also be lacking. In this situation, bone graft or gum graft treatment will be needed in addition to implant placement. The discomfort involved with bone graft/gum graft procedures is normally more pronounced and swelling is often observed for a week after the surgery. However, stronger pain medication can help patients tolerate the procedure well. 2 or 3 days off work following the bone graft/gum graft surgery is generally advised.

Do I have to be put under for the surgery?

It all depends on how nervous you are as a dental patient. Most patients receiving dental implant placement do not need any form of sedation. But we do offer different sedation options to our patients, namely nitrous (also known as laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV conscious sedation.

How much does dental implant treatment cost?

Fees can vary depending on the brands of implant used, the level of implant training and experience the dentist has gone through, etc. In Calgary or Alberta, fees for an implant placement range from $2000 to $3000, and the tooth connected to the implant is additional which normally costs about $1400 to $1800. The dentists in our clinic currently charge $2200 for each implant. This fee schedule will give you the best value in considering the extensive implant training and experience our dentists have gone through. Also, the implant brand we use is the premium Swiss-made Straumann implant which can be $350 higher than some other brands in the market.

Do dental implants last forever?

Natural teeth may not last forever neither do dental implants. But if dental implants are done right and the patient is an appropriate candidate and takes care of them, they can easily be expected to last a lifetime. This is one of the reasons that selecting a good dentist who knows what he/she is doing is very important.

Am I suitable for having dental implant treatment?

Most people are suitable for having dental implants but some medical conditions may make implant treatment not suitable. This is why a good review of your dental and medical history by the dentist is needed prior to receiving treatment. At Beddington Dental, we offer free implant consultation and even free 3-D X-ray to anyone that is interested to consider this treatment option.

How long is the dental implant surgery?

The appointment normally takes an hour or two depending how many dental implants are being placed or if any bone graft or gum graft procedures are involved. What are the risks of dental implant treatment? Like any other medical surgeries, dental implant surgery risks include swelling, pain, infection, and sometimes numbness of part of the face, temporary or permanent . Luckily these complications can be handled well and quickly by an experienced and well trained dentist. Sometimes the implant placed fails to integrate with the jawbone. In this case, our dentists will redo the surgery at no extra fee to the patient.

How long does it take to get my teeth from start to finish?

It can be as short as 3 months to as long as a year and a half depending on how complicated the procedures are involved. The longer you have been missing teeth the more complicated the procedure will be .So please do not delay replacing your missing teeth.

How to choose a dental implant dentist?

Experience in dental implant surgery and how much continuing education each year the dentist is committed to is an important factor to consider when you choose your dental implant dentist.