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Are the dentists at Beddington Dental practicing biological or holistic dentistry? Before we dive into that, let’s explore these terms a bit.

What makes a holistic dentist different from a biological one? In reality, these terms are often used interchangeably. A biological dentist operates with the understanding that dental health affects the entire body.

Assisting Children to Grow Perfect Faces

Ensuring a child’s face and jaw develop to their genetic potential holds immense significance for various aspects of health and appearance. It profoundly influences airway development, facial profile, TMJ health throughout life, as well as the alignment and positioning of teeth.
The significance of the maxilla, encompassing the upper jaw, extends far beyond merely housing teeth. It serves as the central component of our facial structure, dictating the shape of our nasal cavity, the openness of our airway, the prominence of our cheekbones, and the positioning of our mandible. Hence, proper maxillary development is pivotal for holistic facial growth, crucial for both overall well-being and aesthetic appeal.
Normal growth trajectories facilitate the establishment of a spacious airway and a broad, well-aligned smile, minimizing the necessity for orthodontic interventions. Through this consultation, you can delve deeper into understanding pediatric jaw growth and assess your child’s facial and airway development comprehensive

What measures can be taken to ensure optimal development of our children’s jaws?

The development of the jaw is primarily influenced by the surrounding environment rather than genetics, contrary to common belief. An illustrative example is depicted in the accompanying image, showcasing a child undergoing orthotropic treatment for early natural jaw development, in contrast to her parents who did not receive such intervention. Notably, the young girl exhibits a harmonious facial profile, while her parents display modified profiles characterized by retruded “set back” jaws.
Despite sharing the same genetic makeup as her parents, the child initially exhibited facial muscle tension and inadequate jaw development, akin to her mother’s profile. However, with early detection of soft tissue imbalance by an orthotropic specialist and intervention through myofunctional exercises and noninvasive removable appliances, her jaw development was successfully redirected towards its full potential.

Facial muscle and soft tissue dictate jaw growth; any dysfunction in these areas can disrupt normal development. Examples of such dysfunction include improper swallowing patterns, prolonged thumb or pacifier habits, hyperactive lip and cheek muscles, mouth breathing, maintaining an open mouth posture at rest, and a low tongue posture, among others. Although the array of oral dysfunctions is extensive, all can be addressed through appropriate intervention.
The “Big Three” principles for fostering optimal facial development through resting oral posture encompass:

  1. Maintaining proper tongue posture (resting on the roof of the mouth)
  2. Breathing through the nose with the mouth closed
  3. Keeping the lips sealed

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Importance of Holistic Dentistry

Biological Dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, focuses not just on dental health but on overall physical and emotional well-being. Dentists in this field use natural therapies to prevent and treat oral diseases, promoting overall health through suggestions like improving nutrition, moderating alcohol consumption, or quitting smoking.

Recognizing the mouth as a gateway for infections, Biological Dentistry emphasizes the crucial role of oral health in overall well-being. Neglecting oral hygiene can increase the risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even contribute to depression due to its impact on self-esteem. Many traditional dentists also share this philosophy, especially those keeping up with the latest research and scientific findings.

So, who are Biological Dentists? They hold DDS or DMD degrees from accredited dental schools, similar to traditional dentists. They view dental health as reflective of overall health, emphasizing the reciprocal relationship between the body’s health and dental well-being.

However, there are some differences. While opinions may vary among Biological Dentists, many oppose fluoride use, question the safety of root canals, and avoid materials like amalgam, nickel, and mercury due to perceived adverse health effects. For example, when faced with a tooth requiring root canal therapy, a holistic dentist might suggest removal and replacement with a dental implant instead of saving the tooth.

Practicing Traditional Dentistry For Children

At Beddington Dental, our dentists primarily practice traditional dentistry. We support root canal therapy due to its long-standing and well-supported efficacy, but we also respect patients’ preferences. We offer dental implant procedures as an alternative when appropriate. Additionally, we’re happy to replace mercury fillings upon patient request, ensuring they are well-informed about the risks and benefits involved. Our approach focuses on complete health dentistry, addressing not just symptoms but underlying issues. We offer a range of services tailored to each patient, regardless of their belief in holistic dentistry.

In summary, whether you’re seeking holistic or traditional dental care, Beddington Dental welcomes you. We strive to provide personalized care while respecting each patient’s perspective and practicing dentistry without conflicts with any particular philosophy.

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