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Beddington Dental Clinic is a NW Calgary dentist centre including a strong dental professional team with experienced dentists, hygienists and assistants. We have more than 50 years in clinical practice experience among all our dentists at Beddington Dental Clinic in NW Calgary. With this amount of dentists and manpower, we are able to serve the Calgary neighbouring communities with good quality dental care, emergency services, longer hours and at the same time keep dentist operating costs low. What this would mean to you as our patients is that you can receive optimal quality dental treatment at a reasonable fee. In addition, our patients can be seen promptly in NW Calgary whenever a dental emergency arises because of the convenient hours and number of dentists working on site. And our dentists are here on Saturdays too! As an added service to our patients, our dentists and hygienists direct bill our patient’s insurance companies upon your request.

Our Dental Services

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    Meet Our Team

    At Beddington Dental, we have 7 experienced dentists to provide you with quality services. We are a group of general dentists serving the Calgary communities. If you are looking for either a family dentist, a cosmetic dentist, or a dentist near you for a dental emergency, this is the place you want to be. As progressive dental care professionals, our dentists constantly improve themselves with continuing education. We regularly take courses locally and internationally in order to keep us informed of the latest development in dental technology and techniques. Because we are of a group practice, our office can provide extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience. Another advantage for you being our patients is that when your dentist is on vacation while you have a dental emergency, you will be seen promptly by the other dentists covering for him/her.

    Up-To-Date Technology

    With laser treatment options available, we make sure that we can treat you with precision and comfort.

    Caring Team

    Our experienced staff members have years of experience in caring for the dental needs of patients of all ages.

    One-Stop Shop

    With a wide range of services, you can be sure that we provide nearly any service you might need.

    Comprehensive Office

    We have one of the largest dental offices in Calgary with 14 chairs and five doctors on staff.

    Dr. Edmund Chan

    Our Dentist

    Meet Dr. Edmund Chan
    General Dentist

    Dr. Chan graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2006 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. He has been practicing as a general dentist in Calgary for over 10 years. He believes in a gentle and patient-centred approach to dental treatment. As technology and knowledge in dentistry continue to advance, Dr. Chan readily attends continuing education courses to stay up-to-date in the profession. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, with a keen interest in relieving pain and helping people achieve and maintain oral health and their natural smile. He hopes to get to know and serve many patients with their oral health needs in the years to come.

    Dental Bridges

    Many individuals are affected by individual or several missing teeth. There are a wide range of treatment options available that help to restore missing teeth and provide back practical function to the mouth while appealing to the appearance of the smile. Our friendly staff at Beddington Dental eagerly provide several different treatment methods, including dental bridges, as a way to close the gap of missing teeth.

    Dental Emergency

    Call our emergency dentists and we’ll accommodate you today. We are here for you. Any injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem can increase the risk of permanent damage, as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. Please give us a call and we can help you temporarily alleviate your dental discomforts.

    Invisalign in Calgary

    Invisalign Calgary. We offer affordable clear braces. If you have misaligned teeth, you may have been putting off orthodontic treatment for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t think that a few teeth out of place is a big deal. Or maybe you don’t want to deal with a mouth full of metal. The fact is that there are many benefits to having straight teeth besides a more attractive smile.


    Porcelain Veneers

    Veneers teeth in Calgary can be a good restorative option to improve your smile. Constructed of a thin ceramic dental material, veneers are cemented to the exterior surface of the affected tooth, concealing discolorations, chips, gaps, misalignments, and other cosmetic imperfections. At Beddington Dental, our trained and experienced veneer dentist in Calgary can create custom veneers to match the color and shape of your natural enamel perfectly.


    Our Blog

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