Composite Fillings in NW Calgary

Composite Fillings Near You

Amalgam fillings used to be the norm for dentists when filling in areas where tooth decay has been removed. However, amalgam fillings allow decay to occur between the filling and the tooth, making them a not-so-ideal option for your dental care. At Beddington Dental, we provide patients with amalgam-free fillings that do not cause leakage or allow decay to get under the filling. We do composite restorations to remove fillings with metal and replace them with safer filling materials.

Why do I need a filling?

A filling is performed when a cavity has caused decay in the tooth that must be removed by your dentist. When this decay is removed, there must be something placed in the tooth to give it stability and prevent further decay in the area. This is where fillings come in – fillings are used to stabilize the tooth and fill in areas that have been damaged by tooth decay. If you do not get a filling, your tooth may be left exposed and succumb to fractures, chips, and decay that could lead to infection.

At Beddington Dental, we practice preventative dentistry in order to save patients from the damage that tooth decay causes. However, if you do experience the effects of decay, then you can get it removed with no problem. Fillings are a common procedure, and you can go home knowing that your tooth is healthy and stable once again.

What if I already have amalgam fillings?

Our dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to check for decay and other abnormalities. If you have an amalgam filling that is causing problems with your teeth, it can be removed and replaced will a filling that does not contain amalgam. At our dental clinic, we use the latest technology to safely and effectively remove amalgam fillings from teeth and replace them with a safer filling.

If you are in North West Calgary, then you should visit Beddington Dental for a comprehensive dental exam so that a highly trained dentist can take a look at your teeth and determine whether or not you have fillings that need to be replaced or decay that must be removed.