Sedation Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know

Sedation Dentistry in NW Calgary

Most people actively avoid getting their regular dental checkups because of anxiety and dental phobia. Some people would rather live with pain, than set foot in the dental clinic. What if we told you, that is something of the past? That there is a way for you to circumvent your dental phobia and have cleaning and exam done? Sedation dentistry, though not a new concept, can help you relax and cope during any dental procedure. In this post, we answer all the common questions about sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a service that uses medication to relax and reduce discomfort during dental procedures. Several techniques are available that can help you alleviate and anxiety.

Is it True I will be Unconscious During the Procedure?

Not true. One of the misconceptions that people have about sedation is that you will be deep asleep during the procedure. Although it is also referred to as sleep dentistry, not all forms of sedation dentistry cause you to sleep unless its general sedation.

There are different options of sedation dentistry in NW Calgary that you can choose such as:

  • Nitrous oxide or laughing gas:Laughing gas is the common form sedation that is used not only because it has minimal side effects, but also because it wears off quickly. Nitrous oxide is offered via a mask and relaxed immediately within five minutes. Yes, it clears off relatively quickly, but sometimes the dentist uses oxygen to counteract the effects.
  • Oral sedation:The dentist will give you an oral pill an hour before the procedure. Oral sedation is given during mild and moderate dental procedures. The pill can reduce discomfort, but you will be awake and aware of the procedure.
  • Intravenous sedation:Intravenous sedation is given via the veins and allows the doctor to regulate the dosage. IV sedation reduces awareness and you will not have a recollection of the procedure.
  • General sedation:General or deep sedation causes you to sleep. It is ideal for people with moderate to severe anxiety. Since the sedation induces sleep, you may need medication to reverse the effects of the sedatives.

Do I Still Need Anesthesia?

Yes. Sedative only reduces discomfort. You will need anesthesia to numb the gums and reduce pain regardless of the type of sedation that is used.

Although you may not feel pain during the procedure, expect some discomfort when the anesthesia begins to wear off.

Can My Child Use Sedation?

Yes. Children find it hard to stay calm and relaxed during the dental procedure. The dentist may use nitrous oxide to keep the child relaxed. Oral sedation may be used if the dosage is maintained at the correct levels according to a child’s weight and age. It is, however, important to speak to a pediatric dentist before you seek pediatric sedation dentistry services in NW Calgary.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Sedation dentistry has minimal side effects if given properly. You may need other medications to reverse the effects of deep sedation, but all in all, it is safe for most people.

If an overdose does occur, the dentist will examine and try to counteract the effects of the sedation.

What Other Reasons Would the Dentist Recommend Sedation?

Anxiety is the primary reason why sedation is given. However, the dentist may recommend sedation if you have a severe gag reflex. The gag reflex is an involuntary reaction that prevents you from swallowing foreign objects. The reflex, however, may be a problem if it disrupts dental work. Sedation is also ideal if you have severe tooth sensitivity that can’t be reduced by local anesthesia.

Are There Factors That Can Prevent Me from Getting Sedation?

Yes. Certain health conditions may hinder you from getting sedation. People who have cardiac problems, diabetes, respiratory diseases, hypertension will need clearance from the doctor before sedation is given.

Take Away

Dental sedation can help you relax on the dental chair. Contact us or visit Beddington Dental if you want to learn more about sedation dentistry in NW Calgary.

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