Misconceptions on All-on-4

All-on-4 in NW Calgary

The all-on-4 in Calgary is an excellent way to replace all of your missing teeth. However, there are many misconceptions about them, which confuse people. Let’s address these misconceptions and learn the facts.

1) All-On-4 Restorations Are Just Like Real Teeth.

Truth: The all-on-4 is just like dentures for upper or lower jaw. They are supported only by four implants, which are inserted into the jawbone. The wearer doesn’t take them out and the artificial teeth are connected to the jaw by dental implants.

2)The Clinics Doing All-On-4 Must Be Advertising Because A Large Number Of People Need That Procedure.

Truth: The advertisements are necessary to find the patients who need implants. It’s important to spread awareness regarding the procedure. Not every patient they examine will qualify for the procedure due to finances, anatomy, bone quantity, etc.

3) The All-On-4 Fee Is Either Much Higher Or Much Lower Than It Is In Reality.

Truth: Most specialty clinics these days offer bundled services and charge accordingly. In case more implants are placed or the bone needs to be removed, the cost may increase. The clinics charge around 25000 to 30000 dollars per jaw and 50000 to 60000 dollars for full restoration.

4) If I Get All-On-4, I Won’t Have To Worry about Brushing And Flossing.

Truth: While implants don’t decay, they are still vulnerable to gum disease around them. The four implants are minimum for supporting whole denture so even if you lose one implant due to gum disease, you will lose the part of the restoration that replaces all the teeth.

5) If I Lose An Implant, I Can Just Get Another To Replace It.

Truth: When you lose an implant you actually lose the bone around it. New implants need time to fuse with the bone. So, the best option is to maintain your all-on-4.

6) People Ask Me Incredulously, “It Can’t Really Be Done In One Day, Can It?”

Truth: Yes, it can be done. For eligible patients, the remaining teeth can be extracted and a temporary all –on-4 can be placed in a single surgery.

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