Facts You Should Know About Oral Hygiene

Dental Hygiene in NW Calgary

Who doesn’t want to maintain a healthy smile! But a healthy smile does not mean you have no oral problems. Regular brushing and flossing can help you achieve a bright smile but they do not suffice when it comes to taking care of your dental health. There are some other measures you need to adapt to maintain your oral health. The dental team at Beddington Dental has listed some ways that you can adopt to maintain your oral health and dental hygiene. These methods are as follows:

  • Look after your teeth

To achieve a beautiful smile, you need to take utmost care of your teeth. People might have complimented you over your healthy set of teeth or dazzling smile, still you must take steps to maintain your teeth in the best possible condition and protect them from diseases. You need to purchase the best products for your oral care, as well as need to be particular about your daily routine.

  • Brush your teeth before hitting the bed

Dentists have been advising people to brush their teeth twice a day. But, not many of us follow this advice religiously. Brushing your teeth will protect your teeth from the attack of germs and cavities. It will protect your teeth from damage and decay.

  • Brush your teeth properly

Oral health cannot be maintained simply by brushing the teeth. It’s more about how you brush your teeth. If you have been doing it poorly or in a wrong manner, brushing your teeth won’t be effective at all. If you visit a dentist in NW Calgary, AB, he will tell you the proper method to brush your teeth.

  • Take care of your tongue

Plaque can accumulate anywhere in your teeth or on your tongue. Once it builds on the tongue, the bad odor will come from your mouth. To prevent bad breath and any other dental health problems, you should brush your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.

  • Use a good toothpaste

Your choice of toothpaste plays an essential role in keeping your teeth healthy. More than whitening power, there are other necessary elements that you should be mindful of before purchasing toothpaste. Dentists recommend that fluoride-containing toothpaste is best for your teeth. Fluoride protects your teeth from decay and damage. It fights with germs and acts as a shield against other harmful agents.

  • Floss you teeth regularly

Even if you think flossing your teeth is not as important as brushing them, you need to think twice. Flossing helps in reducing plaque that gets accumulated on your teeth. Even if you floss your teeth once a day, it would suffice.

  • Don’t let flossing obstruct you from maintaining healthy teeth

It’s a known fact that flossing is not an easy task. Young children find it difficult to floss. You need to look for ways that will assist you in flossing your teeth.

  • Use mouthwash

Many people skip using mouthwash despite the dentist’s recommendation. Mouthwash is essential for your oral care. Mouthwash cleans the areas where it is difficult to use a brush. If children find it brushing and flossing difficult, they can use mouthwash. It is equally effective.

  • Drink plenty of water

Doctors advise us to drink at least eight to ten glasses in a day. It is because water contributes to your overall health. If you want to maintain good oral health, try drinking water after every meal. It will remove the food particles present in the crevices of your mouth.

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables

Everyone prefers eating packet foods because they are easy to consume. But they are unhealthy for the teeth. You should include fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet. Refrain from consuming processed food. They can damage your teeth in the long run. They also prove detrimental for your overall health.

  • Visit your dentist twice a year

If you avoid scheduling an appointment with your dentist, you would want to change this habit. Visit a dentist for a regular check-up can protect your teeth from tooth damage and decay. The dentist will look for cavities and plaque, he will be able to detect any dental problem that is taking shape in your mouth. You can easily find Calgary dentist near you and visit him for the checkup.

If you need a dentist to tell you more about oral hygiene in Calgary, AB, contact Beddington Dental. They have the best team of dentists in the town. Book a consultation and visit them now.

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