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We know that parents have a lot of questions about when it’s appropriate to take their kids to the dentist for more than just a regular checkup. Nobody wants to waste time and money, and yet there are occasions when an emergency visit to a kids’ dentist in NW Calgary is not only a good idea, it’s necessary.

1. Accidents

One of the main concerns parents have is whether they should take their child to see a dentist or doctor if they’ve had an accident involving the mouth and teeth. That can seem like an especially dramatic choice if there’s a lot of blood and swelling in the mouth. If the accident involved a severe knock to the head and there’s a chance of concussion, your child should be seen by a medical professional immediately. But if the problem is that a tooth has been chipped, cracked or knocked loose, or if the jawbone above the gum line has received a hard knock, contact us right away for an emergency visit.

2. Toothaches

Another fairly common dental emergency we see at our kids’ dentist clinic here in NW Calgary is toothache. It can be particularly stressful for everybody involved when piercing pain wakes up the child and doesn’t let them fall back to sleep—a recipe for a very long night indeed. Whether it’s because of a dental carie (tooth decay) or a cracked or fractured tooth, it’s considered a dental emergency and your child should be brought in to the clinic as soon as possible.

3. Questions about tooth and jaw development

On top of the labour of love of getting their kids to brush and floss twice a day, there are also developmental concerns that bring parents to our offices. You may be wondering if your child is experiencing discomfort because of how their adult teeth are growing in, or you might be worried that they still haven’t lost their first tooth by the usual age. While these questions aren’t exactly of an urgent nature, they’re still really important and ought to be taken seriously. A dentist will be able to assess the situation and make recommendations for treatment if any are required.

Doing your best

No one ever said that raising kids is easy, but keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to prevent occasional injuries to your kids’ teeth from sports or day-to-day play. For those times when your kids need to see a Calgary dentist immediately, we offer extended hours and a large staff that’s able to accommodate every schedule.

Beddington Dental Clinic are always accepting new patients at our NW Calgary dental clinic. Call us if you have a dental emergency or to book an appointment for a checkup. We are also available for last-minute appointments. We believe there’s no reason for children to fear the dentist, and it’s our goal to help them in the safest and most pain-free way possible.

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