Emergency Dentist Appointments Available

emergency dentist appointments available

We’ve all been there before. One of our teeth hurts, but the pain is mild enough that it can be ignored. It hurts to brush that side of our mouth, and it hurts to eat or drink certain foods, but we think it’ll go away eventually. All of a sudden, the pain becomes unbearable, but between work and life, you just don’t have time to see a doctor. Right?

Why it’s better to get treated sooner, rather than later

The human body – especially the human mouth – is a strange and fascinating system of moving parts. When we feel pain in certain parts of our body, there’s a strong possibility that we will feel relief within days. Other pains take weeks to heal, while other pains still merely require quick medical attention to eliminate. When we get hurt, one of our default reactions is to simply wait out the pain, but as our doctors tell us, it’s always better to get treated sooner rather than later.

Sometimes, accidents happen

We’re tired in the morning, so we open the bathroom cabinet and chip a tooth. Our friends throw a ball too hard, and it knocks a tooth out of place. Out of nowhere, we realize that it hurts to drink hot cider, or cold ice cream, and we realize we need a root canal. Life sometimes throws us unexpected curve balls.

Emergency Services at Beddington Dental Clinic

We never know when something minor will turn into something major. We don’t know when that small pin-prick in the back of our mouths will turn into an inability to eat solid foods or drink anything colder than room temperature water. When that pain becomes unmanageable, or when you do have a chipped, broken, or loose tooth, we, at Beddington Dental Clinic, can be there for you.

We know that unexpected medical necessities are aggravating, especially when there’s a worry about being late to an appointment or not having time in our schedules for a visit. Thanks to our extended hours, and our large dental staff, we can easily accommodate emergency patients. Thanks to our talented staff, we can also normally help our patients in one appointment. For anything else, we can work around your schedule to make sure your dental needs are soothed as soon as possible.

If you’re in pain, if you need relief, and if you need it right away, visit us in Calgary, or call us at 403-275-4000. Our clinic is open until 8:00 p.m., and we even offer Saturday appointments so you can plan a visit for the weekend.

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