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Dental Myths that NW Calgary Dentists Can Debunk

Most people are aware of the important role that tooth enamel plays in dental health. However, many living in NW Calgary often have questions for their dentists about what it really takes to sustain strong enamel and keep their teeth bright and white at the same time. Since there is some confusion surrounding the issue, it is important to separate the myths from the facts about what really can help or hurt your enamel.

First, let’s start with some of the habits that can wear down your enamel:

Eating acidic foods

Acid can not only wear away at your enamel, but it can cause significant staining on your teeth as well. If you are experiencing these issues, then you may want to stay away from acidic foods and drinks such as berries, fruit juices, red wine, pickles, citrus fruits, coffee, and tea.

Eating foods that are high in sugar

Sugar provides the food that the bacteria in your mouth needs to thrive and grow, especially if it gets stuck between your teeth and in hard-to-reach places. On top of making sure you brush and floss regularly, you should also try to stop consuming hard candies, dried fruits, and sugary pop drinks.

Grinding your teeth

Even if you avoid the right foods and have good dental hygiene, you may still be damaging your enamel by grinding your teeth. This can be a particular problem at night, when you may not even be aware of it. Make sure to talk to your dentist about whether your teeth show signs of grinding.

Can at-home whitening kits wear down enamel?

It is a myth that at-home whitening kits can damage your tooth enamel. They may cause temporary sensitivity when used, but simply using one kit should result in no permanent damage. Of course, you should always consult your dentist before using any at-home teeth whitening kits instead of simply picking one up from the drugstore.

If you are looking for some teeth whitening solutions in NW Calgary, then make an appointment to come see Beddington Dental Clinic. Our dental professionals can provide you with an at-home whitening kit and help answer any questions that you may have about how to get both a white and healthy smile.

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