Children’s / Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s dentistry (a.k.a. Pediatric dentistry) has become a specialty in dentistry. Young children can have a lot of dental problems and because of their young age, special treatment or treatment approach is sometimes quite different from treating adults. Some common oral diseases seen in children includes baby bottle syndrome, early loss of baby teeth causing loss of arch space for future adult teeth to erupt, unwanted habits such as thumb sucking result in malformation of the facial jaw complexe. Early detection of these problems is important so that long term damages can be avoided. Bring your children at early age to your dentists is a good start for them to build up confidence and trust in a dental setting. This will affect their future attitude towards their oral health for a life time. If your dentists find out that your children needs the help of a children dentist specialist (pedodontist), they will be happy to refer one whom they can put their trust in.