FAQ Question 5

Q5. Should I use electric toothbrush?

Answer: It depends. If you are brushing in a correct way, manual toothbrush is as good as you get. For patients with dexterity problems, for example patients who have had a stroke or patients with mental retardation, electric toothbrush will become very helpful and valuable. For people who develop plaque and tartar easily, the electric toothbrush can help to remove them more thoroughly.

The bottom line is that the correct brushing technique is more important. If you brush correctly, long enough (3-5 minutes to finish the whole mouth) and be gentle, any kind of toothbrush is good enough. Of course, don’t forget to floss as well. One personal experience I had is about my parents. They have had very bad oral hygiene habits and severe periodontal problems. I have been cleaning their teeth once every 3 months since I got into the dental field. However, I still did not find any improvement in their personal oral hygiene habits no matter how I motivated them.

Finally, I bought them an Oral B/Braum electric toothbrush. Ever since then, their oral hygiene has been improved dramatically. After all, if you cannot change someone’s techniques, change the tools! Sonic Complete of Oral B is what I am using now. SonicCare electric toothbrushes from Philips are also very good but they are more expensive. My suggestion to you is to buy the rechargeable ones if you buy any electric toothbrushes, not the one operated with battery!