FAQ Question 4

Q4. Why my teeth become very sensitive to cold after a hygiene session in a dental office? Should I avoid having my teeth cleaned?

Answer: As I mentioned in the section on periodontal disease, gums can have chronic inflammation because of poor oral hygiene. In this situation, the gum will usually look puffy and red. When the oral hygiene improves, as in the case of after a hygiene session in a dental office, the inflammation of the gum will subside, and the gum will shrink and tighten up. Unfortunately, the side effect is that the roots of the teeth will be exposed as the gum shrinks. Also prior to the hygiene session, these tooth roots had tartar and plaque covering the surface. All these unhealthy stuff were removed during the hygiene appointment. Now what do you get? Bare exposed tooth roots! No wonder you have sensitive teeth!

The worse the condition of your gums and your oral hygiene prior to the cleaning session, the more sensitive teeth will be after the appointment. The sensitivity is especially obvious to people with periodontal disease. Unfortunately, these people are more in need of these hygiene appointments than the average people!

You either will have sensitive teeth or lose your teeth gradually, what do you prefer? What you need to do to avoid or reduce sensitivity after hygiene session are as follows:

Use floss EVERYDAY so that the plaque and bio-film don’t cling to the teeth. In doing so, you don’t have bad periodontal problems or your gum does not have much inflammation at the time of cleaning section; this will reduce post-cleaning sensitivity.
Switch to Sensodyne toothpaste, which you can get over-the-counter after hygiene session.
Have fluoride treatments after hygiene session.
Avoid cold and hot drinks and be patient.