Cover Plan

Does my plan cover me to have teeth cleaned every 3 months?

faq_sistersYour insurance may only cover you to have a recall exam once a year, but don’t get confused with your cleaning frequency. Most insurance plan allows you to have to 8 units of scaling and 1 or 2 units of polishing. Teeth cleaning comprises both scaling and polishing your teeth. Each unit of scaling or polishing is 15 minutes duration. Therefore let’s say you visit your dentist once a year for a hygiene appointment or a recall appointment, you will receive your recall exam by your dentist and then a cleaning as well. How many units of scaling and polishing you have received during that recall appointment? Chances are you received 3 units of scaling and 1 unit of polishing. But many people think they cannot have the insurance to cover for a cleaning again until next year. This is wrong. You can come back this year for a cleaning again (at least for scaling) depending on what is stated in your dental insurance booklet. If the insurance booklet says 6 units of scaling are limited per year and each cleaning session you have received is only 3 units of scaling, then you can have at least 2 times of cleaning session per year covered by your insurance. Just make sure you do not receive recall exam again at your subsequent cleaning sessions. Most people with reasonable oral hygiene habits and do not have periodontal problems should be enough to have once a year cleaning session. Some people, however, do need cleaning every 3 months or every 6 months if they develop plaque and calculus easily and/or they are at high risk of developing periodontal(gum) disease.