How you value your smile will make you less insurance dependent when seeking dental treatment

On the other hand, if you understand that the treatment plan is really good for you, you should go for it even though your dental insurance does not approve for it. After all, your oral health is an important part of your overall well-being. This is what I mean, “not to become insurance dependent.” Another situation that predetermination or preauthorization may not be applicable is that when you know you are going to receive the treatment whether the insurance will cover it or not. For example, I had an emergency patient, who presented with a front tooth fractured almost down to the gum level. The tooth has had root canal therapy. The patient is very concerned about appearance and esthetics. She cannot accept walking out the clinic without having the tooth restored to its original beauty. After thorough consideration, I proposed that the tooth would be best restored with a post-core and all ceramic crown. I presented the estimates of costs to her and she consented to me to start immediately. She left the clinic with a provisional crown on that day, and received the final crown 4 days later. At that time, she was very happy with the service even though she still did not know if the insurance would cover the crown or not. In this emergency situation, predetermination is not appropriate, as she knew she would go for it whether insurance would cover or not.

If you want to benefit from the good quality treatment available nowadays, you have to change your attitudes and values towards dental and oral health. I have noticed many people do not have good dental treatments not because they cannot afford them but because they do not value them. I have come across with many people, who would spend $100 for a meal or $200 for a pair of jeans, but think it is too expensive to have dental cleaning once a year! So often, I noticed some people in shopping malls, dressed themselves in expensive outfits and with fancy hairstyles, but I can easily see discolored teeth and poor dental restorations when they smile! If you do not see how a beautiful smile with healthy teeth affects your confidence and image, you will not spend for it even you can afford it. So next time, when you think of visiting a dentist is very expensive or having a new crown is very expensive, think about how important your oral health and your appearance is. Maybe you will begin to appreciate the values of spending for it.