Exams covered by your plan

When you are first presented to a dentist, he/she has to do a thorough dental and oral examination on you and document detailed information in the file. This is called a new patient exam. Once you become a regular patient of the clinic, your dentist will do a monitoring exam about once a year; this is called a recall exam. New patient exam is normally more time-consuming and more expensive than recall exam, and insurance will normally only cover for you to have a new patient exam once every two to five years, while recall exam is allowed normally 6 month to every year. Another exam is emergency exam. Normally emergency exam is covered unlimited number of time by your insurance plan. However, if you have emergency exams more than 2 times a year, it is probably you have not had a thorough exam by your dentist or you have not followed your dentist’s recommendation for treatment. Don’t wait for emergency to come before you visit your dentist!